What are Transferable Skills?

I discovered this as I was wrapped in my own cocoon for the past month after I went over revisiting my strategy for writing and hustling to meet the deadline for a book that I was writing with one of my mentors and now a business partner. I couldn’t resist the urge to come out of my cocoon for a while to blurt about this and go back for some time.

A lot of people ask me what exactly I have been leveraging from cross-platform learning. I simply let them know the very word initially when I heard it from one of my good friends which sparked a thought. It’s simply taking a step back to see in which other area of my life can I use my existing skills.

What are the areas of my life where I can transfer a skill that I’m using in another area. 

It’s amazing that one can ordinarily build on existing skills thru applying them to different areas like using tracking in health to track your routines and rituals, in finance to keep an eagle’s eye on your spendings. Just starting off with such simple activities which most of us don’t do at all. We simply brush it under the carpet not knowing the tremendous pay-off’s this insight can potentially have 6 months down the line. From all I have learnt and researched about Habit making – one thing that’s clear is that beginning with a cue to perform a habit provides a better ROI over the long run versus getting into the strategy of getting the attitude right before doing something.

It amuses me to see people now including a lot of friends professing about how ATTITUDE is everything. There is simply a better way to start anything. Set-up an extrinsic reward, pick the smallest behavior, pace it up with continual behaviors that leads you to a routine. A few months later, you will wake up one day not needing the cue at all to perform that very same HABIT!

How might this be? One can ask –

What happens is our body naturally over time begins to recognize the difference b/w intrinsic rewards and extrinsic rewards. If it’s health for example – you will naturally begin to feel good after exercising for a period of time because your body has learnt the benefit from the neurotransmitters like endorphins which are now produced on a regular basis and distinguish that from the external reward that got you started on the habit towards the outcome which was – BETTER HEALTH!

Here tracking becomes a foundational skill that you could tweak and apply to learning. Say, you are just starting off with learning about auto-responders, lead generations, traffic strategies, for your online business. What if you actually set up different learning visual trackers and distinguish your mentors to learn in each segment whenever you get stuck.

Godsend! Right??

You have a system now which helps you get unstuck and keep moving to the next thing. The same thing is true for skills like

Following Through

Mutual Accountability

I began getting better at automating my finances after learning and spending the time and effort to improve my health. One day I just as I realized Woah! They include skills like –

  • Tracking
  • Setting realistic goals

Both which are very much applicable to finance. Once you make this connection, you can start applying them to tons of other areas. Sometimes I have even applied the same skills to a business challenge where I had to pace myself, work through fatigue etc. One major reason WHY am I telling you all this if you still haven’t figured it out yet is that –

Wake up sleepy head!



Maybe it’s losing 10 kilos.

Maybe it’s starting a business

Maybe it’s giving up your 9-5 lifestyle

All you have to do is a little TWEAK to connect the dots to reap massive benefits over the new few months should you choose to test this strategy out.


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