What are Transferable Skills?

I discovered this as I was wrapped in my own cocoon for the past month after I went over revisiting my strategy for writing and hustling to meet the deadline for a book that I was writing with one of my mentors and now a business partner. I couldn’t resist the urge to come out of my cocoon for a while to blurt about this and go back for some time.

A lot of people ask me what exactly I have been leveraging from cross-platform learning. I simply let them know the very word initially when I heard it from one of my good friends which sparked a thought. It’s simply taking a step back to see in which other area of my life can I use my existing skills.

What are the areas of my life where I can transfer a skill that I’m using in another area. 

It’s amazing that one can ordinarily build on existing skills thru applying them to different areas like using tracking in health to track your routines and rituals, in finance to keep an eagle’s eye on your spendings. Just starting off with such simple activities which most of us don’t do at all. We simply brush it under the carpet not knowing the tremendous pay-off’s this insight can potentially have 6 months down the line. From all I have learnt and researched about Habit making – one thing that’s clear is that beginning with a cue to perform a habit provides a better ROI over the long run versus getting into the strategy of getting the attitude right before doing something.

It amuses me to see people now including a lot of friends professing about how ATTITUDE is everything. There is simply a better way to start anything. Set-up an extrinsic reward, pick the smallest behavior, pace it up with continual behaviors that leads you to a routine. A few months later, you will wake up one day not needing the cue at all to perform that very same HABIT!

How might this be? One can ask –

What happens is our body naturally over time begins to recognize the difference b/w intrinsic rewards and extrinsic rewards. If it’s health for example – you will naturally begin to feel good after exercising for a period of time because your body has learnt the benefit from the neurotransmitters like endorphins which are now produced on a regular basis and distinguish that from the external reward that got you started on the habit towards the outcome which was – BETTER HEALTH!

Here tracking becomes a foundational skill that you could tweak and apply to learning. Say, you are just starting off with learning about auto-responders, lead generations, traffic strategies, for your online business. What if you actually set up different learning visual trackers and distinguish your mentors to learn in each segment whenever you get stuck.

Godsend! Right??

You have a system now which helps you get unstuck and keep moving to the next thing. The same thing is true for skills like

Following Through

Mutual Accountability

I began getting better at automating my finances after learning and spending the time and effort to improve my health. One day I just as I realized Woah! They include skills like –

  • Tracking
  • Setting realistic goals

Both which are very much applicable to finance. Once you make this connection, you can start applying them to tons of other areas. Sometimes I have even applied the same skills to a business challenge where I had to pace myself, work through fatigue etc. One major reason WHY am I telling you all this if you still haven’t figured it out yet is that –

Wake up sleepy head!



Maybe it’s losing 10 kilos.

Maybe it’s starting a business

Maybe it’s giving up your 9-5 lifestyle

All you have to do is a little TWEAK to connect the dots to reap massive benefits over the new few months should you choose to test this strategy out.


Hack of Perspective Ignorance

The Hack of Perspective Ignorance.

What I do mean by this is all of us in this information driven age are swamped with information every single day and not many of us have the effective mental frameworks to sift through this information overload.

It leads to two things.

1> We always jump from one shiny idea to another which eventually keeps us glued to square one.
2> Analysis Paralysis – We just can’t seem to discern step 2 all the while pontificating to glory while still being glued to square one.

I watch and read almost everything like a big creep always consuming information but one fine day it just hit me when one of my mentors pointed the obvious to me. You seem to come up with such crazy ideas that are phenomenal yet why don’t you direct your intention and put your collective potential into manifesting just one.

I thought to myself – it’s easier said than done! Right! Then even he acknowledged that it’s one of his struggles as well to keep up with different ideas and stick to just one. I was taken away when he said that to me. Wow! I thought to myself.

I just came up with this term at that moment. Maybe I need to be ignorant of all my potential shiny ideas not that I don’t need them. From then on, I’d just made the habit of making a note of it in my diary and forgetting all about it knowing that my idea vault is always there should I need them at any time.

This allowed me to have perspective ignorance to not get sucked away by one single perspective while still having more perspectives and has been one of my powerful triggers to hustle and get things done while learning new stuff all the time!


The Post Is Coming

Life just handed me a shit sandwich these last two weeks, and this week it has been the worse. Though I couldn’t get out the post I had to in the last two days. I thought staying committed to the schedule of my blogging behavior is more important than actually having a post out every week.

Sometimes, it’s just important to stick to the schedule of writing which is more important that consistently delivering great content every week. After, I am still Human and live on Planet Earth!

So here is a post to say that the post is coming next week!

The Quit Sunday Principle

One of the things of being an avid learner is to juggle with a lot of new things to try and test and see if one can override their toolkit with new practices that amplify the old ones. Think about it in our lives, the reason we aren’t able to scale faster is because we stick to tried and tested things even if it works and have a ROI say with timelines of 4 months, 6 months, a year and so on. While I’m not against this at all, as we all would definitely be better off starting off with a blueprint.

In my journey so far from all the mentors, my learning projects and conversations one thing that has emerged as an insight is this:

Mixing up mentors. A better way of putting it is while there are tons of tested methodologies and practices that are out there not all of them will sync with one’s personality and the path they are on. A customized solution is often what works and here is the deal-breaker – The process is a never ending one!

What I have developed as a practice is once a month I use the Quit Sunday Principle – The last Sunday of every month is my introspection day of all the hacks, strategies that I have tried and picked up and check to see if they align perfectly to create a work-life balance and at the same time if they are accelerating me towards my realistic outcomes that I have set for myself. One thing I’d like to highlight is – Although I’m always on the lookout of new services, tech, skills, perspective shifts, paradigm shifts which enable me to optimize myself – It’s more often a recombination of all the skills, strategies that I already have in my skill vault.

Sometimes the strategy is having no-strategy! For all beginners it’s as simple as rolling out of the bed each morning and punching the clock until you feel you have your legs under you for a sprint! 🙂 – The art of the start is in just getting started and not breaking the chain while having a check-in once a month which I call the flash-forward exercise. The first step in getting what you want involves having the courage to get rid of what you don’t want.

The Flash-Forward Exercise:

Imagine you have already achieved your full potential in all respects and are fully self-actualized. How do you describe who you are and your purpose? How is your day like in that scenario?

What ever it is that excites you while you start doing it, having a check-in to flash-forward the future of your path and playing it back a year from now, 6 months from now, 3 months from now and asking yourself if I take this path what is my day like in those times. Is my ambition / purpose having me? Am I still able to discern and make space for myself?

I got inspired to make this principle up from Bruce Lee – Here is that quote!

One does not accumulate but eliminate. It is not daily increase but daily decrease. The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity.

Hack Away At The Inessential!

What do you plan on hacking away this Sunday? Let me know.

Using Barriers To Level Up


Let’s explore how might we breakthrough to the next higher version of ourselves using barriers to help ourselves and possibly enable a shift in our lives by understanding external cues and seeing what they trigger in ourselves which then gives us a chance to change those external cues through our actions which are born out of brutal awareness. I use brutal awareness because all have us have very minimal practices of observing ourselves to the actions, words, the self-concepts that we create, our reasons for justifying our failures etc. I will talk more on how I dealt with honing my latent awareness to the next level of “Brutal Awareness” in one of my future posts.

To understand this better here is a brief introduction to understanding how we are nothing but the sum of our habits. Most of our behaviors have been shaped by conditioning which we have accumulated over the years. Conditioning has shaped has in myriad forms, external attractions that are targeted on us (#consumerism), habits that we have picked as a part of our culture and our own up-bringing and even certain self-concepts that we have of ourselves of which we are totally unaware of consciously or sub-consciously.

I can sense few of you going – What! This is horseshit, how can my culture have anything to do with the habits I have now? Before, you jump to another site just read the rest of the write-up before making that click. Just play along with me…:)

Let me explain – Nothing in us is spontaneous. Everything we have or do is learned or acquired. This conditioning of my muscles for posture and movement is beneficent and essential. I could hardly live a human life without it. What is important to realize is the price we pay for it. Every conditioning is a limitation, a curtailment, a censorship even. You are enabled to do this…at the expense of giving up other possibilities and other ways. Muscles are close to nerves, sensations, therefore the conditioning of my muscles affects my emotions, and through them my behavior. There is no such thing as an innocent conditioning. Each service carries its price tag. As Westerners, they have been trained to walk fast, and that has imprinted a brisk step in their whole life, thoughts, work and this has led them to always be in a hurry to get things done, to reach places, to obtain results with quick efficiency and purposeful resolve. On the other hand, an Indian like me has been taught to squat since childhood, and in that posture, close to the earth from which he comes, he learns patience and peace, lives in cosmic contemplation and waits for eternity. (Sometimes I exaggerate a lot :-P)

The shaping of my muscles has resulted in the shaping of my mind. A whole way of life has already been inscribed into the marrow of my bones by the very way in which I have been taught to walk, to sit, or what have you. And if such a harmless exercise has already marked my life and steered my thoughts, I begin to think with curious anticipation of the more direct and concerted ways in which society and tradition has bent into submission not only my hands and feet but my values and tastes. A long conspiracy waiting to be unraveled thread by thread. Most of us act and move most of the time like automatons, and the common pattern in society around us makes us forget the long conditioning that has resulted in the stereotyped behavior that dampens our reactions and impoverishes our lives. To realize the extent of such bondage is the first step towards liberation from it.

Our whole organism has been conditioned to enjoy, accept, do,repeat certain things, and to reject others. This isn’t a conscious process anymore, but a pre-programmed choice that is triggered by my cells within me before I know what is happening in the recesses of my mind. It’s the automatic pilot that steers its course without any reference to me, though I am in the cockpit! The method is comfortable and safe, but only for a routine flight. Now I want to explore new horizons and charter new routes. While thanking my muscles and dendrites for their unfailing service in the past I want to let them know from now on I call the shots and lead the fight. I want to re-own my organism and bring to the movements of my body and my life a new spontaneity. I want to unwind before it’s too late. This is what I told to myself more than a year back.

One thing that has helped me in my journey and also in realizing all this is my inquiries with myself and also most of my mentors. Frederic comes to my mind at the moment as he is one person who has had a huge impact on me in this space of learning to be authentic. Owning my past so that I can create my future. You can check out his site here.

Since then, my journey has been about testing each and every self-concept, limiting beliefs, extreme reach barriers that I had in myself and deconstructing them one by one by testing them. Invariably, all of them turned out to be false assumptions. Here is one other article by another blogger who has had a huge influence on me and my thinking. His name is Ramit Sethi & he runs a personal finance blog and his site is mainly about ‘psychology’ among other things disguised as a personal finance blog. Here is an article he wrote in which he talks about extreme reach barriers.

Now, coming back to what I was inviting you to see. Think about such things in our lives that we have, think of all the things that we script for ourselves and the moment when we need to do something that challenges the very notion of that scripted story, we bend ourselves into submission and what do we do again – follow the ant farm like we used to instead of breaking away and charting a new course for ourselves.

And guess what? Most of the changes that we dream of are overwhelming – and we let them bring our self-concepts to the fore and we go back to doing the same things –

  • Very same coffee-day outings
  • Make fun of people hitting the gym
  • Make fun of people who have protein shakes in their homes.
  • Just crib a lot and keep thinking inside – Man – this is so not for me.

(My Wish-list I unknowingly kept dreaming to for the last 10 years and as I asked around with a lot of my friends, I found it wasn’t just me. We were all doing this!)

  • I really wish I was a morning person
  • I want to wake up early.
  • I want to start off productive, and yet I didn’t.

Wouldn’t it be better If I simply said to myself, I’m not a morning person; I work better at night (because I’m a creature of the night :-P), and that’s where I’m going to spend my productive time and I know that it takes me a little while to get up in the morning. Wouldn’t it be better to acknowledge that and work under those constraints, than to beat ourselves up and feel guilty for twenty years trying to do something that’s probably never going to happen again?

Constraints Inspire Creativity – Don’t remember where I read this but this came to my mind as I’m writing this.

Or put it another way; wouldn’t it be better for myself to simply say, “You know what, three times a week is just too big of a goal. It’s embarrassing, but who really cares; I’m going to do it once a week. I’m going to go out for a run and I’m going to run for twenty minutes, and that’s it.” And after I did that for one week, and felt weary and after three weeks started to feel a little better, and at four weeks I told myself, “You know what? I miss that run. I’m going to do it twice.”

This is when my baby steps towards regaining control over my health began.

When I often do my behavioral design interventions with people, I prefer to work with the people who do, who say, “You know what? I am afraid of changing my appearance,” or “I’m afraid of working out because I’ll become like one of those guys who’s always doing protein shakes,” another thing I used to say to myself.

Though I don’t do it myself as I worked out a alternative workout/eating routine for myself. 😀 I’d see these guys in the gym and I would say, “I’m not going to take protein shakes,” “I’m not going to be one of those dudes.” It’s about understanding the role of food,weights, and cardio, and all that stuff, none of which I understood before I started researching about the human body, athletes workout routines, why they did what they did etc.

So what was my natural response? To say, “I don’t want to be like those weirdos, I’m not going to do any of that.” Instead, had I looked deeper, I would have said, “You know what? I’m afraid of actually changing. I’m afraid of trying this for six months or a year and seeing no results. I’m afraid of actually succeeding, because if I do succeed, then are my friends going to think I’m a weirdo, because now I go to the gym a lot or I have this bottle of protein shake on my kitchen counter?” Those are all the true deep fears, but I didn’t have the introspection to be able to acknowledge that.

Now this was so true in my case, I had built up all these extreme reach barriers in my psyche that I was unaware of which was like a chain around myself that I’m walking around with every single day. So, I’d like to invite you to look and observe yourself in everything that you do. Scratch that, just take your health and your inclination towards health and workouts. Observe your thoughts, behaviors, actions and write them them if possible. Now, step by step test each one of those assumptions and I bet you all of them will go Poof! if you would stick to it.

Identify your constraints that you have and go crazy – hack them down. If something, works let me know. Even better, I’m throwing this offer – Take a challenge with respect to your health. Identify your constraints and your barriers note them down. I’ll gladly offer you a free consulting session for an hour in which I’ll work with you in helping you break down your barriers.

If this sounds good and you are up for the challenge – leave a comment here with your email id and I’ll get back to you.

P.S. ( I’m giving out 10 slots), so hurry if you would like to un-script your script! :).

The Hack of “Lesser Decisions”

BitchOne of my previous blog posts on creativity was inspired by Twyla Tharp more than anyone else. I have been following and reading books of tons of successful people and testing everything systematically in my life to create meaningful impact and what she calls the Creative Habit  has helped me more than anything else is because it so closely falls in line with Behavioral Design. What has helped me on my journey towards improving my “FOCUS” on much needed areas like

  • My Health
  • My Learning Projects
  • My Travels
  • My Research
  • My Work

has been taking every area as a potential area of growth and automating all my decisions that I need to take which are so trivial every single day.

Let me explain it better by taking Twyla Tharp’s example itself. She describes her morning routine of rising early and going through the same morning rituals; same coffee, same bun. She puts on the same leotards, goes down the same elevator to the same street corner, puts her arm up in the air and gets into the first cab that comes along. By the time she gets to the studio she has made no significant decisions. Stepping out onto the dance floor, her dancers await. It’s eight in the morning and her first decision is yet to come. It will be a creative one.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Every successful person if one observes carefully can notice that they never ever “sweat the small stuff”.

Everything that they do, the little things are so ingrained in their lifestyle that it has become second nature. They don’t even need to think about it as they have important decisions to make later. Now, what can we learn from this? I’m not asking to you become and act like a automaton. No! What small choice like these can we eliminate in our daily lives that will enable us to lead a life with more ease. Of-course personally, I have cheat days in the week for myself so that in the weekends I can gorge “GUILT-FREE” on non-vegetarian dishes as much as I want. This is a commitment I made towards my health. I follow a Vegetarian diet in the week and have 2 cheat days to snack on 1 solid meal guilt-free on the weekends which server as “SMALL WINS” for myself. 😀

Fact is, our lives are so filled with impedimentary drama and ancillary decision-making that there is little time left over for work.

Designing some days of our lives in this way is so much more helpful than letting ourselves fret over the small things. What a relief! Again, this practice enabled me to have more space with myself and get my creative mode on and focus better. Most of us don’t have the responsibility of running the largest economy in the world, or even the talent and production needs of one of the world’s best-known dance studios.Just as my job is easier than Twyla’s or the president’s, my routine is simpler too. I don’t get in a car to go to work, and I don’t wear a suit.

The whole time I have something else in front of or next to me: the real task for the day. The real task is often a blog post other than my day job, or something else. Hopefully, before too much time goes by in the morning, I’ll have switched over to that task and made it my focus. I think it’s good to break up your routine from time to time. But not everything should be a surprise.

If you want to get something done, especially creative work that requires focus, you need to reduce the other decisions you make.

When you know what you’re going to wear the next day, what you’re going to have for breakfast, and what steps you’ll need to take to get started on your work, you’ll be much less likely to get sidetracked by making these decisions in the morning.  You’ll begin the day ready to pound things out, and then you can make some real decisions.

How do you begin your morning? Any new habits that you are taking away? Let me know.

PS: “We cannot directly choose our circumstances, but we can choose our thoughts, and so indirectly, yet surely, we shape our circumstances.”


‘Thought’ Hack

Your thoughts hold power. The power of your thoughts, secrets of the mind and reality. A lot of us on our journey have had our share of “Aha!” Moments. Aha! I get it now – we say to ourselves!

A similar moment happened to me long time back but over the last few months I have a better understanding no scratch that, when I gave up my understanding I began to just observe with brutal awareness and allowed the impulse of the moment to guide my next action.

The light bulb goes off right in our heads, that’s what happened many times in my journey as well. We live in the world we are thinking of. Whatever we are thinking we are creating. The universe aligns to our thoughts, our thoughts are information highways that send messages to and from the body. Many times, if we look at the events in our life, overcoming certain challenges, its because we have changed the way we think.

It all starts with our thinking. When you see it in your life, then you see that we are co-creators, we are gods, we are made from the same fabric as the universe which is fascinating because then we also get to see on the flip side how much RESPONSIBILITY we have, because we are the architects of our own reality.


Everyone wants your mind. (Seriously they do!). I say, let go of society’s expectations. (This is what I tell myself). In clearing the mind of utter B.S. we have to see this, just look with a willingness, just LOOK. This is why the newspapers are full of information, the TV…everyone wants to control your thinking. We have to see that our thoughts are so powerful that they create the world around us. If someone can control your thoughts, they can control your world. Every thought we have is a catalyst for every action.

Positive thinking has a huge effect on the body because such thoughts change the bio-chemistry of the body. It is also why “ATTITUDE” is also important as the way way we think affects the way we feel. Thoughts are a collection of emotions. “E-MOTION” as in energy in motion. We are living in a sea of energy. A sea of infinite potentialities and possibilities.
What I found out about positive thinking is that it does wonders! But, we mustn’t forget NEGATIVE THINKING, and the power of negative thinking. Let me give you an example:

Many times when people get angry, we say that this is a negative emotion. However, there is a lot of energy being generated. It becomes internally destructive as its essentially an implosion from within. We are bringing all the energy internally which we must learn to release externally. This goes back into mythology as well. We had many princes in folktales who were slaying the dragon, but guess what they didn’t kill the dragon as they saw the power of the dragon. It could take them anywhere they desired. To infinite heights, the DRAGON was the representation of their lower nature. So, in essence, once we master our lower nature which is “Negative Thinking”, it can actually propel us to a higher self. For me, what I do on my journey now is – I don’t judge Negative or Positive thinking by itself. It’s a myriad of separation of what many of us have gotten ourselves into. But, it all starts in the way we see the world. How we see the world is how the world responds to us.

We see this in quantum physics as well, even Max Planck, Greg Braden who have done so much work on this. But, it goes back to the ancients – they knew that everything in the world was connected. They knew the power of our thoughts. Everything is mental.

mind_over_matter_by_elixsir-d4dauv7.pngIn quantum physics, they now see that – THE OBSERVER CREATES REALITY SIMPLY BY OBSERVING. The observer is the observed. The observer isn’t separate from the observation. The experimenter isn’t separate from the experiment.

Just by thinking about something, we are changing it. That is how deep thoughts go! Sometimes many of us in our lives we are thinking about other people and coincidentally there is a saying that “IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT SOMEONE, THEY ARE ALSO THINKING ABOUT YOU”. We are sending text messages through our thoughts. This mind that we have is the original internet. We are the original technology. When I am walking, running or just sitting, I am conscious that I am creating my reality through my thoughts. We have to become aware that we have infinite power and that is why there is a war on “CONSCIOUSNESS” on the planet because once you know thyself you become super-powerful. You begin to strip all of these layers that society has labelled on us.

You are this. You are that. No!

  1. We are whatever we think we are
  2. We are whatever we tell ourselves.

On a deeper level, many of us living in the 21st century have these desires. A lot of people say –

  • I want this beautiful woman.
  • I want money.
  • I want this handsome man.
  • I want that dream job.
  • I want that house on the hill.

Whenever we say “I WANT”. We are sending a signal to the universe that we don’t have what we desire. Therefore, we will remain in LACK!

What I began doing in my life since the last 3 months in my HOP (A daily ritual of mine) is to move from


I don’t say I want health, I say I AM HEALTH and so on. Scientifically, studies have also shown that while trying to lose weight If a subject says – I am thin even thought h/she is fat. The results are much more in the favor of the subject over a period of time than the person who says to himself – I AM FAT and I AM GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT. This is again one of the rules of the mind that we must understand to take advantage of.

What is Expected Tends to be Realized

To know more about other mind rules follow this link.

Changing the words changes the thoughts. The thoughts change our actions and interaction with the world around us. The field, the energy around us, the DNA within our bodies influence the world around us. Aha! sends off electromagnetic signals to the world around us. It’s more powerful than the brain.


Therefore, the power of aligning with your heart influences the world and can help raise the vibration of the planet. Our thoughts are so powerful, that once we take hold of a positive intention. we can create miracles. I have seen it in my life. That’s why we have to be careful where we place our focus.

Because whatever we focus on grows.

We Turn Into Whatever We Are Tuned Into

The affirmations we have, the way that we see ourselves shapes who we are. And that’s why it all starts with perception. It all starts by having the best image of yourself in the head because that’s what creates who we are. A lot of us, we go on with what people tell us. We feel that we aren’t good enough. We have this internal dialogue. We are forgetting that the words we use also govern us.

That’s why instead of I can’t  I usually say “I CAN”.

(Akshay, who is a mentor of mine will be laughing when he reads the below content and probably will gear up to sue me for copyright issues :-P) Jokes apart read on –

Questions and affirmations like

  • What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?
  • When was the last time I did something for the first time?
  • Cows chew, leaders take notes
  • Be Shameless! Request support and admit you’ve messed up
  • Get Uncivilized. The worst thing that could happen is for you to get civilized.
  • Normal is boring.
  • Confidence comes not from always being right but not fearing to be wrong.
  • My mouth talks and I do.
  • There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.
  • My deeds today, decide my better tomorrow.
  • Be in a peak state.
  • No matter how ugly/bad the situation is, OWN UP for it.
  • I am a Champion and I know it.
  • Be a Challenger- Create possibilities, drop considerations.
  • Hackers are not satisfied till they get their job done.
  • Leadership is not about who you are or what you do, it’s about who you are being.
  • Being is decisive.
  • Leadership is not about feelings. It’s about commitments.
  • Life never exists someday. It exists now.
  • Use leadership to contribute, not to dominate.
  • No new actions, no new results.
  • Be an Owner- Drop complaints, take responsibility.
  • Have the willingness to stand for your dreams, even if it means to stand alone.
  • The future doesn’t just happen. I create it.
  • Step out of your comfort zone.
  • You have got to be unreasonable if you’ve got to be unbeatable.

We have to see that, there is a power in the words that we use everyday. Language is the power of thought. If I’m thinking of a table, then I’m creating a table. You can’t say a word without thinking about it. Words are therefore spells. We have to use words that empower us. We have to use words that help us create our own reality.

Through mind-power we can do phenomenal things. Haven’t we all heard stories of people recovering from a terminal illness when they were told they had 6 or less months to live.

Because they told themselves –


That is the power of thoughts. ANY FUCKING THING IS POSSIBLE. We begin harnessing our thoughts when we begin tapping to the power of now. When we begin living in the present moment. When we are following our heart-space, when we are opening our heart-space. When we are letting go of fear. All around us there is distraction, there is media-manipulation through the TV, certain ads, religion. Anything that you can think of, that doesn’t remind us of what we are. We have to remember WHO WE ARE.

The sub-conscious programming affects our thoughts without us even knowing it. Certain times, people fall asleep with a certain song. Not realizing that. Because all thought is is energy. Through sound vibration you can actually change the way people think. That is why its amazing to listen to uplifting music to your heart, mind and soul. There is a difference between thinking and being.

Many of us, we are caught up in thinking, thinking and thinking. Sometimes, we see people staring into thin space.

I-think-too-much-and-then-put-myself-into-a-bad-moodWe have to ask ourselves, how are our thoughts serving us ?

Are they elevating us into higher realms of awareness or are they draining our energy away? Many of us, we get caught in the trap of thinking about the same thing over and over again. What I found that has helped me is to let go of thoughts.

Okay, but how the fuck can one do that ?! You might ask! Read on…:)

Secret – Tapping Into The FLOW

We may have experienced doing some activity when we stop thinking completely. For me its playing BASKETBALL. The bills I got to pay, places I have to go to, all of which evaporates and there is nothing but the flow of infinite energy. Sometimes, people get headaches.

What is a headache? It is but a thought above your head that isn’t going away anytime soon. (:-P) So, to free ourselves from that, we have to stay dynamic, stay fluid. We must always unblock the energy in us through eating beautiful food, getting back to nature, planting our feet. Being in a environment that allows us to tap into our being where we won’t have to do all the time, because our thoughts are our commands.  When we step into being, we are letting go. There is nothing to do as we are embodying the totality of our existence. It just takes once idea to change the world.

That is why its amazing to see the whole world uniting, raising the frequency on the planet. The world is an idea. All ideas must change. Money is an idea, schools are an idea. The buildings around you are ideas formulated in the mind of someone like you and me. Therefore, the world is never one thing, it’s dynamic, it’s forever changing. In essence, we are a reflection of the world. If you desire peace in the world, you must create peace within yourself first. And, the more and more I see how we are architects. We are painters. Life is a canvas we draw on in our minds. We are living in magical times right now on the planet, we have to open our minds to a whole world of infinite possibilities.

So make your own way. The power lies within you.