Hack of Perspective Ignorance

The Hack of Perspective Ignorance.

What I do mean by this is all of us in this information driven age are swamped with information every single day and not many of us have the effective mental frameworks to sift through this information overload.

It leads to two things.

1> We always jump from one shiny idea to another which eventually keeps us glued to square one.
2> Analysis Paralysis – We just can’t seem to discern step 2 all the while pontificating to glory while still being glued to square one.

I watch and read almost everything like a big creep always consuming information but one fine day it just hit me when one of my mentors pointed the obvious to me. You seem to come up with such crazy ideas that are phenomenal yet why don’t you direct your intention and put your collective potential into manifesting just one.

I thought to myself – it’s easier said than done! Right! Then even he acknowledged that it’s one of his struggles as well to keep up with different ideas and stick to just one. I was taken away when he said that to me. Wow! I thought to myself.

I just came up with this term at that moment. Maybe I need to be ignorant of all my potential shiny ideas not that I don’t need them. From then on, I’d just made the habit of making a note of it in my diary and forgetting all about it knowing that my idea vault is always there should I need them at any time.

This allowed me to have perspective ignorance to not get sucked away by one single perspective while still having more perspectives and has been one of my powerful triggers to hustle and get things done while learning new stuff all the time!