[First Post] A Healthy Mix of Self-Delusion & Realism

Hmm…my first blog post and I don’t even have any clue where I should start from. I have been pondering for the last 2 years about keeping my research online whether that’s related to Behavior Design or Gamification or Cross-Platform Learning or Hacking Skills. After having accumulated a lot of personal journals (things that I have tested repeatedly) and having written so much, I just didn’t know where to start from.

Finally, I asked myself. Was I too afraid of being judged or ridiculed by random people who could read and comment on the all the things that I have tried so far?

Maybe…but even so I began to dig deeper only to realize it was my inner voice in my head that made these fictions and even showed them as terrifying screenplays in the form of horror movies of how terribly my blog posts would be received. Finally today, I decided it’s time to slay the elephant in the room. Since, I have so much to share…I’m going to use multiple tags+categories to pen thoughts on each area that I have worked on with the main source being that of the random thoughts & observations that I happen to make / notice / stumble upon every passing day on different topics. I have always been fascinated by different models and theories and anything that piques my curiosity I dig deeper to explore that area.

Today, I was thinking on these lines….

Sometimes I often find tricking my mind helps to get things I have to get done when I don’t feel like it. Say, when I got to write my journal to piece together things for the book I’m writing.

In the mornings I usually have thoughts like these –

Bah!!! I can’t think of anything to write

waaa! Today isn’t the day for me to write, exercise, finish the book that I have been postponing for a long time. It can be practicing the skill that you are working on for a long time.

If you find yourself to be upset about something…force your face into a smile, you will be happier. Sounds creepy…but it works. Your physiology controls your emotions. Change your state and get to the emotion you need to do what you need to do. 😛

For writing, My Hack? –> Just start typing, it doesn’t matter what. Just the trigger to notice I need to write and the action to start typing about things that are happening around you and you doing what you are doing / things you notice…

That glorious dump you just took a while back, about the creepy prank that you think you could try on one of your friends, I’d write…here I am drinking my lemon green tea or even that crow gawking at me from the window.

Eventually I built up enough momentum that my sentences become semi-coherent. I could just delete the first twenty minutes of babble.

One big caveat: I think one can do much better with a healthy mix of self-delusion and realism. I try to find this blend in myself (mornings are for undeserved optimism, and nights for realism)

And it helps if I make the desired behavior and target as small as possible…each day just write 1000 words not more not less, and during those days you have epiphanies…just let it flow.

And now I get back to work on my next 1000 words for the book. I’m acting as if it will be a huge, massive, crash-the-Amazon-server hit.